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Mark Twain IS A Pioneer in Romanian private education

The Mark Twain International School is proud to be one of the oldest private schools in Romania. Our two divisions of study, Bilingual (English and Romanian) and International (English exclusively) hold the full Romanian National Accreditations by ARACIP, the full continuum of International Baccalaureate PYP, MYP & DP accreditations while also being an accredited Cambridge International School.

Ready for a bright future
The International

The IB continuum helps students achieve intellectual
development and academic success, reaching beyond to
hone a broad range of values and responsibilities.
Students learn about being open-minded, caring,
well-balanced, risk-taking and principled global citizens of
the 21st century.

Your child is at the
center of our attention

We offer a wide range of services to ensure the
comfort needed for all school activities: healthy
international meals prepared by our chefs, transport,
counseling, permanent medical care, and many
more small things that make a big impact.

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Top tier university offers

Mark Twain IS lifts young students closer to their
dreams. Our elite international curriculum gives us
an outstanding annual pass rate at the International
Baccalaureate Exams and opens the doors to the
best universities in the world.

Mark Twain International School key figures

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  • 1:6

    Teacher per student ratio

  • 700+

    Students currently enrolled

  • 50+

    Countries represented

  • 100%

    University admission rate

Join the award-winning IB World School
with a 28-year track record


  • ~2-6 Yrs

Our preschool programme strives to facilitate the transition of 2 to 3 year olds into the IB Primary Years Programme. At this age, our prime focus is to build confidence in every child so they can express themselves freely. Once a child can express herself or himself, it opens the gateways to the path of understanding, knowledge and learning.

  • Premium student services
  • English language instruction
  • 16.000 m2 green campus

Primary School

  • ~6-11 Yrs

The IB Primary Years Programme nurtures and develops young students as caring, active participants in a lifelong journey of learning. We prepare our young students for an interconnected world where changes occur at high speeds and we develop each child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

  • 1 teacher for every 8 students
  • Student-centered education
  • Early artistic and athletic focus

Middle School

  • ~11-15 Yrs

The IB Middle Years Programme encourages students to understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world and become critical and reflective thinkers. We are by their side in this crucial period of personal development and help them find a sense of belonging in the ever-changing world around them.

  • Over 40 co-curriculars
  • On-campus tutoring options
  • Highly dedicated teaching staff

High School

  • ~15-19 Yrs

We offer two possible pathways to our students: the National Romanian Baccalaureate and IB Diploma Programme. The Diploma program, recognized by the world's top universities, is taught during the last two academic years, with final exams that prepare students for performance in their professional life.

  • 100% passing rate for IB
  • Career counseling and mentoring
  • Guidance with university applications

Want to speed up the enrolment process?

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28 years have
taught us what
children need

Other facilities: 9 buildings, 43 classrooms, 12 media and science rooms, 3 music studios, 2 art studios, 2 professional kitchens, 5 dining rooms, 2 libraries, 2 football fields, 2 basketball courts, track and field, 3 gyms, swimming pool

  • 40+ co-curriculars
  • 16,000 sqm of green campus
  • Highly trained teaching team
  • Career counseling
  • Extended sports facilities
  • Summer Academy
  • Art and music studios
  • Online classes and hybrid learning
  • Student counseling
  • On-campus tutoring

Other facilities: 9 buildings, 43 classrooms, 12 media and science rooms, 3 music studios, 2 art studios, 2 professional kitchens, 5 dining rooms, 2 libraries, 2 football fields, 2 basketball courts, track and field, 3 gyms, swimming pool

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A wonderful school. Sweet teachers and smart principals. This school really taught me what patience and friendship mean. The kids are friendly and that's why I made a lot of friends. Go Mark Twain International School!



Proud class of 2010. Mark Twain IS has helped me shape the person that I am today. Taught me to aim high and ALWAYS stay true to my values. My 8 years at Mark Twain IS have been the best of my life.



A truly wonderful experience. Mark Twain IS has transformed my son from an introverted gamer teenager into an open minded young adult who has curiosity, desire to explore different environments, critical thinking, curiosity and, above all, a strong desire to be on his own two feet and have a job that makes him happy!



Excellent teachers, warm atmosphere and stellar academic results. This school has helped me achieve my goals and got me into the Guildhall School of Music and Drama London. We love you, Mark Twain! Owls forever!



Mark Twain International School is an IB school that has high academic standards and aims to develop the competence and individual skills of students so that they can become critical and sensitive thinkers, interested in solving local and international problems. The emphasis is on intellectual rigor, on the freedom to express one's opinions, on responsibility and on appreciating the variety of cultures around us.



I am at this school from kindergarten and I can say that it is a great school where everyone learns a lot by having fun, striving and being creative !!! I, for one, have learned a lot and made many new friends! I really recommend this school because it is perfect and I can't wait to start school again !!!



Best years of my life! Joyous staff, stellar teachers and best cooked lunch meals in an international school. My extracurricular activities got me into the best Music and Drama school in London. Thank you Mark Twain! We love you! ❤️



This school is a great opportunity for me. I am happy to be in this school. Children learn to be open-minded, they are guided to discover new horizons in a warm way, teachers are dedicated to their profession. All together we form a strong bond meant to bring security, knowledge and strong people for the future.



Nothing less than 5 stars. Mark Twain International School was my second home for 8 years and has contributed massively to much more than my education. I was lucky to learn from the best! Guided by caring and supportive teachers!



A School with a learning environment that is specifically engineered to support critical thinking and discovery through inquiry. Mark Twain I.S. educators encourage mind growth and action taking.



A school that really values an international vision, high-quality education, the outmost care for the students and a rigorous academic programme that places student-centred learning and welfare at its core and helps all students become successful.



Friendly and helpful staff, warm and safe environment for the children.



Strong sense of community, great academic environment.



A unique school!



Very professional staff. Congratulations !



The school that
teaches children to
follow their dreams

  • 28 years of private education
  • Full ARACIP, IB & Cambridge accreditation
  • Limited spots available. Apply soon!

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